I’m Tired of Caliphates.

Bashar Warda (left) looks on as President Trump shows press the signed bill, House Resolution 390, confirming continued aid to Christians and Yazidis. 11th December 2018

Assyrians have been in diaspora for over 100 years and yet we are forced once again to depend on priests standing behind sultans. I refuse to celebrate this.

Everyone has seen the news and the powerful imagery and symbolism of the President of the U.S. signing a bill which legislates for the continuation of aid money to minorities in Syria and Iraq.

“(4) Local communities and entities have sought to mitigate the impact of violence directed against religious and ethnic minorities in Iraq and Syria, including the Chaldean Catholic Archdiocese of Erbil (Kurdistan Region of Iraq), which has used predominantly private funds to provide assistance to internally displaced Christians, Yezidis, and Muslims throughout the greater Erbil region, while significant needs and diminishing resources have made it increasingly difficult to continue these efforts.”

It is no coincidence to see Bashar Warda, Chaldean Archbishop of Arbil, invited yet again by the U.S. (as well as encouraged and supported by the KRG and its motley crew of lobbyists and hangers-on) to take centre stage as the representative of our people.

Bashar Warda in discussion at the White House before the signing ceremony. 11th December 2018.
Bashar Warda meeting Vice President Pence in the White House. 11th December 2018
KDP Mayor of Alqosh, Lara Yousif, posing with U.S. Consul General Steven Fagin. 11th December 2018.
Discussing “ongoing efforts to help Alqosh recover from ISIS”. 11th December 2018.
U.S. CG Fagin meeting with the KDP Nineveh Provincial Council President Saido Chato to discuss the “ongoing recovery from ISIS”. 11th December 2018.


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